Level 6 Water Restrictions

Milnerton Golf Club and Level 6b Water Restrictions
By Colin Jacobs

The paradox of playing a course like ours, flanked by water on two sides, YET we cannot utilise it.
We are playing our part in saving water by restricting our members’ usage of this scarce resource.
Until recently our endeavours were limited to “Bring your own Towels” for after-match showers. As from 1st February 2018 we will no longer have water supply in our showers. Not for members and not for corporate days. This will result in sweaty (and possibly smelly) golfers being in the bar area. Kindly bring deodorant and/or wet-wipes for an after-match clean-up before entering the bar. Golf clothing will therefore be acceptable in the bar for all prizegivings – with the exception of golf spikes naturally.

We are investigating running recycled effluent water into our toilets both in the clubhouse as well as the halfway house at the 9th as an additional saving. Drinking water taps on the course are turned off with the exception of the water-fountain at the cross over point between 6th/12th greens and 7th/13th tees.

We are all in the same predicament and water-saving is currently on all of our minds.
Please see the article below.

Cape Town Water Restrictions
By Shelley Finch
Cape Town has recently hit Level 6B water restrictions and the reality that our taps will run dry by April has hit home. People are panicking – stockpiling water, making plans to leave the city and generally freaking out.

We could say that “every cloud has a silver lining”, but a distinct lack of said clouds is what got us into this mess in the first place, so we won’t. We may not have water, but we’re holding onto our sense of humour darn it!

In the midst of all the doom and gloom, it might be a little difficult to remain positive. So here are five ways you can make this whole experience a little less frightening. And who knows, we might just emerge a closer-knit community with greater capacity for empathy and compassion.

Make a plan to meet your neighbours

If you haven’t yet done so, knock on a few doors in your street, complex or apartment block and introduce yourself to your neighbours. You are going to need each other in the coming weeks. In between working, commuting, looking after the kids, and generally trying to live your life, you may just need to help each other out with water collections, sharing resources and so on.
Now is the time to reach out and say “I’m here for you if you need me.”

Think about who might need your help
Do you have an elderly or disabled neighbour or perhaps a friend without a car? Knock on their door and say “hey, can I help you will your water collection when the time comes?”
Strike up a conversation

Having visited local water springs in the past few weeks, we’re touched by the warm smiles, neighbourly conversations and the many hands reached out to say: “can I help you carry that?” Our elbows bump as we shuffle up to make space for another person to fill up their bottles and we all have a laugh at how weird it is to be so up-close-and-personal.

Conversations begin, friends are made, and you realise that you really are part of a community. Don’t let those opportunities to make a connection pass you by.

Make it a Workout
Part of a cross fit team or a walking group? Explore ways to make your daily water collection less of a chore. Make helping other people carry water to their cars part of your workout or turn it into a race! Many hands make light work and a little bit of fun can make it much less of a drudgery.

Stop complaining!
Let’s get real. We’re all in the same boat. People living in informal settlements and rural areas have been collecting their own water for years – now it’s our turn to share the experience. No amount of griping and finger pointing is going to change that. This is our new normal and we can choose to make it one that brings us nothing but anger and misery or we can choose to make it an opportunity for us to come together as a community and become one of the most water efficient cities in the world!
Let’s look back at this in 5 years-time and be able to say “wow, we really came together when our city was in need.” Let’s make ourselves proud. Let’s show the world how beautiful our city is … inside and out.