Milnerton Golf Club – Dress Code

To All Members and Guests

I would like to bring to your attention that the current dress code worn both on the course and more particularly in the club house after golf has become totally unacceptable.

The dress code as published on entering the club house as well as on the website has been totally neglected and I would request that we all ensure that the correct attire is worn during and after golf .

As members of Milnerton Golf Club we have an image to uphold and the tradition of golf with regards to appearances whilst in the clubhouse and playing the game.

One could say that COVID-19 has allowed standards to drop but I believe it is the right time to get back to the correct attire at all times. I respectively request you co-operation and support in the matter. Attached is the official dress code standards from the website.

“Milnerton Golf Club is a traditional members’ club and has a dress code. This in many ways is common sense however please ensure that the dress code is followed to avoid any embarrassment.

The basic principle is that traditional golfing attire is worn on the course.

On the Course, practice area and putting greens – all golfers must wear appropriate golf attire (the most appropriate is that which has been designed for golf) – Jeans, or beach-wear are NOT acceptable.

Golf shoes must be worn; other types of footwear will not be permitted. Socks are to be worn.

The minimum standard of dress in the Clubhouse is what we would call smart casual. Normal golf dress is acceptable as is clean casual wear, i.e. open neck shirts, sweaters etc., in all areas of the clubhouse.

Ladies are asked to dress appropriately and in keeping with the intent of the dress code. Hats are not to be worn in the clubhouse. Mobile phones are NOT to be used in the Clubhouse when Prize giving is taking place

It is the responsibility of all members both to comply with the clubs dress policy and to ensure that other members, guests and visitors do as well.”

Yours in Golf