Milnerton Golf Newsletter | November

Newsletter | December 2021

Hi Fellow MGC Members

The festive season is almost upon us and with that the end of another year.

Due to the recent relaxation in COVID-19 regulations, bunker rakes have been re-introduced. Therefore, the local ruling that you may have one club length relief in the bunker no longer applies.

In addition, we are waiting on the replacement of the Ball Washers at the tee boxes, so a return to normality is happening. If you choose to handle the rake, ball-washer or flagstick then please sanitise your hands before and after doing so.

I have requested that bunker sand become a priority for the green-keeping staff. We need to find a solution to have consistently good sand in the bunkers. We understand that “powdery” sand blows out of the bunkers and the green-side sprinklers cause compacted sand but there is a solution out there and the green-keeping staff must strive to find it.

The new stroking is out there and what a pleasure NOT to hear how we have the hardest stroke 18 in the Peninsula. Conversely, it now makes the 17th hole that much more of a challenge for those whose playing handicap is 17 or 16.

As I write this, the Milnerton Open is a few days in the future. I wish all competitors the best of luck.

Your committee and Board of Governors have reached consensus on the proposed fees for 2022. Accounts will go out in the latter part of November.

The exterior painting of the clubhouse and surrounds is, to all intents and purposes, complete. The Caddy-master’s room/office has had the floor tiled, door replaced and panelling added to bring it up to par with the appearance of the recently repainted exterior…..a few minor touches and it will be complete.

Billy O’Brien has single-handedly re-landscaped the garden surrounding the first tee box. It is generally waterwise and should last for quite a few years. Many thanks VC.

Whilst I am thanking people, Friday nights lucky draw in the bar – a huge thanks to Niall Keller for organising this event and presenting it with his usual wit and flair for comedy.

Recent events hosted by the club in the Sunset Lounge were a Rotary FUNdraising Golf day prizegiving as well as the ladies section Christmas Mixed prizegiving. Hopefully we will have more bookings for this stunning venue as the Summer season rolls around. Remember, ONLY R 500.00 hire fee for members.

I wish all members and extended family a wonderful festive season and a healthy and joyous 2022 and you’ll hear from me again in early 2022.

Yours in Millies Golf
Colin (aka Jakes) Jacobs

Biography: Anthony “Mo” Marais

Born and educated in Cape Town, South Africa, Mo Marais heads up Stunt Network, an action specialist company that focuses on stunt work for film and television.

In 1975 at the age of 12, Mo joined Keith Andersons’ YMCA Circus School, “Circus Osler”. There he trained in the arts of flying trapeze, acrobatics, and circus skills. The circus school students traveled extensively, performing for thousands of people across the country. The Osler students were also the focus of Ashley Lazarus’s feature, “Once Upon a Circus” which explored the antics of kids joining the circus and living out their dreams.”

One of the highlights of my time spent at the circus school was the first Cape Town Festival, during which we performed on a trapeze rig suspended between two buildings on Adderley Street. The rig was seven stories high; it was a memorable experience performing above people eating and drinking below.

At age 16, Mo was chosen a one of thirteen young kids to work professionally in Europe. The troupe became known as the Star Lords and performed in the U.K, Denmark, and France for one year before returning to South Africa. The troupe also toured the USA during 1983 with Circus Vargas. Mo later joined Circus Triberti in Italy where he worked for 6 months. Returning to South Africa, Mo teamed up with Keith Anderson once more to experiment with a new concept in flying trapeze. The troupe toured the USA for two years, 1987/88, where Mo performed the triple summersault daily and with an outstanding success rate. The new look flying act was snapped up by Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus. Mo later took this troupe to the Far East, where they performed for a year.

Turning his hand to film, Mo assisted Keith Anderson in training the Upside-Down People for King Solomon’s Mines starring Richard Chamberlain. Together with Anderson, Mo also did stunt and aerial co-ordination for the feature films Survivor and My African Adventure with Dom Delouise.

In 1997, Mo was approached to oversee stunts and acrobatics on the television series, The Adventures of Sinbad. During this period, he was also asked to co-ordinate stunts on the new and revived British T.V. series The Professionals being filmed in and around Cape Town.

His feature film credits include:

  • After the Rain starring Paul Bettany,
  • Pirates of the Plain starring Tim Currey,
  • Angel that fell from Heaven,
  • Shark Attack 2
  • the critically acclaimed Boesman and Lena with Danny Glover and Angela Basset,
  • The Diamond Hunters Starring Alyssa Milano and Sean Patrick Flanery
  • Home Alone 4,
  • The Groomsman,
  • Berzerkers,
  • Pavement,
  • Zenon Z 3 (Disney) and Blast/ Ultimatum with Eddie Griffin and Vinnie Jones,
  • a Canadian project on the Rwandan tribal wars,
  • HUMAN CARGO, The CELL with Jenifer Lopez
  • He was the fight co-coordinator for the feature film shooting title THE RING (CURSE OF THE NIBELUNGS) directed by Uli Edel.
  • The remake of the classic THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE for the Hallmark Channel.

More recent projects include:

  • stunt coordinating on the Wes Craven thriller,
  • Last House on the Left,
  • 10 000 BC,
  • The History Channels’ History of America,
  • History of The World,
  • Battle of Gettysburg and
  • NORTHMEN, “A Viking Saga”.

Most recent work:

  • on the 1st season for ABC,
  • “Of Kings and Prophets”,
  • TV series Deutschland 86,
  • Scorpion king 5, Last Days of American Crime,
  • and the prequel of “Tomb Raider” – The Lara Croft Adventure,
  • and just completed a TV series for Netflix based on the Resident Evil franchise called “Venus Flytrap”.

Mo is still currently working in the film industry, but his secret passion is golf, unfortunately only started at a very late stage of his life but enjoys the game and the challenges it presents every time.


Anthony “Mo” Marais

We welcome the following new members

  • Llewellyn Van Der Berg
  • Bruce Russel
  • Shaun Lipshitz
  • Chaiphorn Lekcharoensuk
  • Manoa Mayer
  • James Whiffler
  • Jordan Laubscher
  • Austine Ogbekile
  • Belinda Viljoen
  • Chris Alexander
  • Lyle Robertson
  • Lizelle Grier
  • Etienne Stander
  • Jared Tyler


Monthly Golf Fixtures & Results

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Ladies Captain’s Corner:

Whilst the end of the year is fast approaching, it’s great to see the continued support from our members both for playing golf and social events. We have only a few more fixtures left for this year and are preparing for our Medal finals which is diarized for the 7 December.

Our last Christmas mixed golf day was held on Sunday the 21st November and was booked out and from all accounts most enjoyable I sincerely thank the club staff. For their invaluable assistance and always be available to help where needed.

Wishing all our members who had some kind of medical complications all the very best and wish them a speedy recovery.

Thank you all again for wearing your masks and adhering to the covid rules.

I always look forward to seeing you at the Golf Club.

Lorette Hegie
Ladies Captain

Functions & Restaurant


Premier League Update

Milnerton Golf Newsletter | Premier League Updates

The Premier League was a strange season and probably points to why WP golf seems so strong at the moment. We finished bottom of the log, but at the same time also only 2 points off the top of the log. Unfortunately though being bottom of the log means we have to play a promotion/relegation match on Saturday 4 December vs Royal Cape at Parow Golf Club. We going to have to show we good enough to stay at the top level of WP golf. I’m sure the boys will do the club proud.

Golf course update:

The greens have made an almost unbelievable comeback from holotining and are back to being great again. The recent rains have helped a lot in keeping the course looking green. The remodelling of the bunker on the left of the 14th hole is just about complete now. Still some work to be done to get it looking 100%. The new pathways are also complete.

Milnerton Open on Sunday 28 November – good luck to all playing.

Yours in Golf
Garreth Johnston