Newsletter | November 2023

Greetings everyone,

Another month, another newsletter, almost another year!!!

What an exhilarating World Cup Final we had. SA held “Die Blink Kant Bo”. Brilliant to get the short video clip from Siya Kolisi and Damian de Allende before the Final Game, thanking us for the good wishes that were sent. The video did it’s round so I hope most of you got to see it. “Milnerton you Rock”

Seemingly, from a lot of feedback received, last month’s newsletter you enjoyed reading my news on our Overseas Trip. Only problem having a good holiday, you need another one after getting back but with all that has been happening at our Golf Club of late that was not possible.

We have a lot of projects on the go at present and all very necessary for the continuation and betterment of our beautiful Golf Club. With all the major construction work completed we will concentrate on the finishing of these projects and hopefully in the next couple of months we will have no trace of the work being done and you’ll have beautiful green grass everywhere.

Our wall along the left of the road on the 1st fairway is still in limbo as we were stopped by the environmental department as they felt we were interfering with the dunes!! I ask – how pathetic!! We disturbed the sand but we were also protecting the lifespan of the Dunes. It is acceptable to see 100m x 6m been washed away by the sea along our 2nd Fairway and to the back of the 3rd Tee Box but that is acceptable to them. Did you know that if you lose your land to the sea it is no longer your land – it becomes the property of the State!!

After years of no water been supplied by our main supply through our 250 diameter pipeline from Potsdam, is back up and running. Long may it last. We have replaced our sprinkler control boxes and this should make a major improvement to getting water onto our course again. On the Notice Board you will find the full report from Ryan Harris that explains in detail on what we are doing with our water and the treatment thereof.

We are holding a Special General Meeting on the 21st November: Changes to our Constitution. Please everyone, if you are unable to attend please sign the proxy’s that have been circulated. If you are unhappy about anything let us know prior, don’t come to the meeting to voice your concerns. Moving forward is the only way for our Club to survive. Let’s not regret not keeping up with the fast forward movement of humanity.

We are sorting out changing rooms for our staff in the old bowling club and it is looking good. Hope they enjoy it.

I have repeatedly asked to please put your gripes/concerns in writing as well as anything that you feel would enhance both your experience at the Club and also improve our Golf Course. To date myself nor the committee have had one suggestion, We must be doing a great job ??

Do any of you know where the name of “Golf” came from?
It is not an acronym for anything, rather it derives linguistically from the Dutch word “kolf” or “kolve”, meaning quite simply “Club”. In the Scottish dialect of the late 14th Century or early 15th the Dutch term became “goff” or “Gouff” and only later in the 16th Century became “Golf”.


Billy O’Brien

We welcome the following new members

  • Eduan Maritz
  • Deon Maritz
  • Jarred Michaels
  • Klaus Dieter Gutlbauer
  • Matthew Ryan Jennings
  • Sarah Louise Raine
  • Betty Brown
  • Ford Spies
  • Ulrich Hein Opperman
  • Guillaume Thevenin
  • Hamilton Smyth
  • Gregory Caine Mc Cree
  • Tyron Blignaut
  • Robert Winston Wiggill

Monthly Golf Fixtures & Results

Lady Captain’s Corner

Hello, fellow golf enthusiasts!

It appears the rainy season has packed its bags and left us in peace. Now, we can strut our stuff on the fairways and, by the looks of it, proudly acquire our golf badges of honor. And if you’re a bit puzzled about what I mean, simply track down Richie – he’s rocking a golf tan of note that he’s more than ready to put on display. LOL! But as you enjoy the sunshine, don’t forget to protect yourself against too much sun. Moderation is the name of the game.

October: The Month for Sports Addicts

Is it just me, or has this past month been a whirlwind of nail-biting sports events? Since my last newsletter, the Ryder Cup has come and gone. Some lucky souls witnessed it in person, while the rest of us watched it on TV, with the usual delightful commentary from you ladies. Kudos to the Blue Team for their win.

Keneilwe Blue’ish in Rome

Now as I’m writing this, the streets are buzzing with excitement over the Rugby World Cup. Personally, I watch sports events with just one eye because I tend to get overly emotionally invested to the point of making myself sick. And judging by your comments, I’m not alone:

  • Les MacFarlane: “My nerves are finished!”
  • Sylvia Crotz: “I won’t be able to sleep tonight. I need something strong.”
  • Atella Hefer: “I’m shaking.”
  • Michelle Taylor-Rebel: “I don’t think I have any nails left.”
  • Lorette Hegie: “I’m still waiting for my heart rate to come down. I’m absolutely drained. No more nerves or voice. All gone.”

You ladies are the definition of strength and resilience!

Rising Stars: Jack Buchanan and Luca Fillipi Shine Bright

Our youngsters continue to make us burst with pride! Jack Buchanan triumphed in the South African Dimension Data u19 Challenge, while Luca Fillipi conquered the Blue Label Challenge. These accomplishments are simply outstanding, and we couldn’t be happier for these talented youth. Here’s to cheering them on and wishing them many more victories in the bright future that lies ahead.

Leapfrog Properties Xmas Mixed

Our annual mixed competition is just around the corner on Sunday, November 12th. As always, we promise a day filled with fun, and this year, we’re adding a fresh twist to keep things exciting. Slots are filling up fast, so grab your favorite golfing partner (or your arm candy, if you will) and be sure to sign up with the Proshop ASAP. Walala wasala! It’s going to be a day of golfing adventure, camaraderie, and perhaps a few surprises along the way. Don’t miss out!

A Surprise Encounter with Gary Player

To top off the month, picture this: I had the incredible pleasure of bumping into none other than the legendary Gary Player. It was a day-maker, to say the least! I have to give a special shout-out to his caddy for pointing me out to him and, to the 3-ball in front of mine for letting me know when they spotted him. I had made sure everyone knew I was on the lookout for him, just in case they spotted him. LOL!

I couldn’t resist the temptation to sneak in an invite for him to come and visit us ladies. You never know; maybe one day he’ll remember and grace us with his presence. Fingers crossed, right?

Ntsoti & Lemao with the legendary Gary Player at Milnerton GC

Monthly Competition Winners

Congratulations to all our monthly competition winners who keep the spirit of the game alive. Your skill and dedication shine as bright as the sun.

Monthly Medal & putting10 Oct (Tue)1st place – Silver Div (Best nett) – Ros Howard
2nd place – Silver Div (Nett) – Dawn Blackshaw
1st place – Bronze Div (Best nett) – Lorette Hegie
2nd place – Bronze Div (Nett) – Denise Liang
Best Gross (Bronze Div) – Lorette Hegie
Putting – Barbara Schwartz
Monthly Medal & Putting14 Oct (Sat) Winners – (Best nett) – Casey Hattle
Van Beest Trophy 36 holes Foursome Stableford17 Oct (Tue)Winner – Ros Howard & Karien Van Rooyen
Runners up – Judy Teixeira & Dawn Blackshaw
Captain’s Delight24 Oct (Tue)Winner – Ntsoti Morojele
Runner-up – Dawn Blackshaw
3rd place – Michelle Taylor-Rebel

Ros & Karien – Van Beest Trophy Winners

Warmest regards, and may your drives always find the fairway, your putts roll true, and your golf adventures be filled with laughter, camaraderie, and the occasional hole-in-one surprise!


Ntsoti Morojele
Lady Captain 2023


Golf Course Report

Hi all members,

The expression – It never rains but it pours…certainly applies to Milnerton Golf Course, when we had no water our course suffered badly, now that we have water we were not able to pump it on the course due to two major breakdowns on our main pipeline, happy to say we are now getting water on our course and god willing it stays that way Hollowtyning is done and the greens were reseeded with bent grass as well, the greens are coming on nicely and hopefully they will recover further.

The back of the 2nd green has also now been seeded, look forward to seeing how the germinating. The walls of the 7th dam is busy being grassed due to the erosion caused by rain which has exposed our main pipeline so we will be taking grass from various places on our course to cover this. The course is starting to recover and is getting a bit greener and hopefully will improve further.

Shaun Buchanan

From the Range

Keep it in bounds. As the golf course and range fills up, we ask that golfers on the range and on the course be courteous towards each other and shout “fore” for wayward tee shots where you cannot see who is on the other side of the bush.

The distances on the range is accurate to the selected colours and plays a big part in the safety regulations when using the facility. Please adhere to all safety rules on the range to ensure the safety of all.

Kind regards
Arno Marais


Leapfrog Christmas Mixed at Milnerton Golf Club